We have optimized water use from beginning to end.
Our rain water collecting, storing and reusing system that allows us to reduce the extraction of well water.
Aditionally, the water surplus obtained from watering the plants is gathered to be later esterilized thereby completing its cycle.

agua vallealto
sustentabilidad vallealto



Our heating system gather carbon dioxide (CO2) from the boilers and uses it as gaseous fertilizer.

Through photosynthesis, CO2 is absorbed by the plants, producing better crops and releasing oxygen (O2) into the environment.



Our cultivation is hydroponic and we use coconut fibers.
Upon finishing its productive cycle, the bags containing coconut fibers, organic matter and fertilizers are reused to make compost and soil enhancers.

vallealto suelo
Pimientos control biologico



Specialized personnel monitor for harmful insects, keeping them within acceptable levels by introducing beneficial insects that eliminate the harmful ones, thus minimizing agrochemicals use.



Our packing area is equipped with state of the art bagging and semi automatic product selection machines.
After our bell peppers are packed within the best manufacturing practices they are transported to the cold room, where it is conserved adn prepared for shipping under controlled humidity and temperature conditions.
Finally, our products are shipped with a thermograph to mantain an ideal 48°F temperature to keep its quality and freshness.