The safety of our products is a priority for Valle Alto produce, thus we have implemented procedures, standards and good agricultural management practices according to international standards.





For Vallealto, our most valuable asset is our staff,  therefore a great part of our commitment is with them, we are constantly working to provide them a healthy and safe work environment.

We respect and care of each member’s  Human and Labor rights complying fully with the applicable legislation in our country and carrying out extracurricular activities to seek recreation and a family environment among our workers.






To strengthen our safety program, we are audited annually under the GFSI Global Food Safety Initiative scheme with  Primus GFS.

We have the Primus GFS certification  that covers Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good manufacturing practices (GMP) and Food Safety management Systems (FSMS).

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We guarantee that our products are free of genetic alterations, which gives our customers a greater security and trust in our products.

Among the benefits of this certification are: Market differentiation, management and risk control of Foodborne Diseases and high trust and loyalty to the consumer.







Our traceability system allows us total confidence in tracing and controling the route and delivery of our products.

We have a unique record for each of the presentations which allows us to have a practical identification of them.






We strictly enforce and maintain the Export Security guidelines, striving to ensure that the development of the processes in our plant, our products and logistic processes are free of narcotics, contraband and any criminal action.